CHOCOHOLIC CUPCAKES   Makes 12 standard-size cupcakes No need for a twelve-step program here, because being addicted to chocolate, or these cupcakes, for that matter, is a good thing. Not only do you get the good stuff that chocolate brings, but I’ve also added a potassium boost thanks to the avocado in the frosting. The […]

Baby’s Fruits

Baby’s Fruits   All fresh fruits (except bananas, papayas, and avocados) must be cooked until they’re soft before puréeing. Canned fruits packed in their own juice are cooked in the canning process and are easy to purée and serve. If they come in sugary syrup, drain and rinse the fruit before puréeing. Bananas Use one […]

Baby’s Cereals

Baby’s Cereals   Cereals are typically the first foods given to babies because they’re fortified with iron. You’ll find the commercial instant baby cereals both convenient and nutritious. Instant rice cereal is commonly recommended since it’s rarely allergenic. You can also prepare cereals such as Cream of Wheat, oatmeal, and  Wheatena by running them through […]