Baby’s Cereals

Baby’s Cereals


Cereals are typically the first foods given to babies because they’re fortified with iron. You’ll find the commercial instant baby cereals both convenient and nutritious. Instant rice cereal is commonly recommended since it’s rarely allergenic. You can also prepare cereals such as Cream of Wheat, oatmeal, and  Wheatena by running them through your blender before cooking. It pays to make these cereals in quantity and freeze the balance. Hints: When preparing cereals for your baby, keep in mind that: • A nursing mother may add expressed breast milk to cereals (or any foods) to make them more readily accepted, as the smell and taste are familiar to the baby. • Any cereal can be sweetened with puréed fruits that have been introduced safely. • A little plain yogurt (with active cultures) can be added to hot cereal. It gives a creamy texture to grainy cereals.


Honey Alert

Avoid using honey and corn syrup in beverages and foods for infants younger than one year. There’s concern that they may contain botulism spores that infants can’t handle.


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