Amazing Recipes for salads part5

Russian Salad.

Chop 1/2 pound of cold roast veal with 1/4 pound of smoked salmon, 3 sour pickles, 2 sour apples, 1 large onion, some beans and capers and 3 hard-boiled eggs chopped fine. Add some chopped nuts. Season and pour over a mayonnaise dressing. Garnish with sliced beets and olives; serve cold.


Birthday vegetable salad

Small quantities of cooked vegetables, such as beets, string beans, asparagus, peas and boiled potatoes, make a nice salad cut into small pieces, laid on lettuce leaves and covered with French dressing. But they must be thoroughly chilled.


The taco salad.

Just combine tablespoons salsa, olive oil, low fat Greek yogurt and chili powder. Serve this dressing with salad made of spinach, celery stalk, scallion black olives corn, and rinsed black-beans. You can choose to add toasted-


Japanese Salad.

Cut some celery, apples and truffles into fine shreds and mix with chrysanthemum flowers; season with salt and pepper. Put in a salad bowl and cover with a mayonnaise dressing. Garnish with chopped hard-boiled eggs and olives.


Bavarian Cabbage Salad.

Chop a cabbage with 1 large onion and 2 stalks of celery and 2 peppers; season well with salt and sprinkle with pepper. Heat some vinegar; add a teaspoonful of prepared mustard. Then beat the yolks of 2 eggs with a tablespoonful of sugar; add the hot vinegar slowly to the beaten eggs and mix with the cabbage.


Norwegian Salad.

Cut some pickled herring into pieces and mix with flaked lax, 2 peeled apples and 2 boiled potatoes. Cut into dice pieces; add some chopped shallots and gherkins; sprinkle with finely minced tarragon and chervil, salt and pepper. Cover with a plain salad dressing.

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