Amazing Recipes for salads part3

Salmon Salad.

Mix cold cooked salmon with mayonnaise, form in a mound and encircle with a wreath of cold cooked asparagus tips dressed with French dressing.


Cauliflower Salad.

Break the cooked cauliflower into its flowerets, dispose in the center of the serving dish and surround with a wreath of cooked asparagus tips. Pour over the whole a mayonnaise, a boiled or a cream dressing, and sprinkle with chopped capers or pimentos.


Pea Salad.

Mix the peas with a cream dressing; serve in nests of lettuce; garnish the top of each nest with a little-chopped beet, or a fanciful figure cut from a pickled beet or pimento.


Potato Salad.

Mix equal parts of cold cooked peas and potatoes cut into very small cubes; season with salt and pepper, and serve as green pea salad.


Shrimp Salad

Decorate the sides of a ring mold, chilled, with hard-boiled eggs cut in halves, alternated with hearts of lettuce cut in halves; dip the egg and lettuce in half-set aspic, and they will adhere to the sides of the mold. Then proceed as above.


Sardine Salad.

Lay the sardines on soft paper, that they may be freed from oil. Scrape off the skin and remove the bones; squeeze over them a little lemon juice. Arrange on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves, or upon shredded lettuce, and dress with either French or mayonnaise dressing. Garnish with hard-boiled eggs cut in slices.

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